• General
  • What is Trot With Spot?

    Trot With Spot is a mobile solution developed to optimize and enhance dog walking businesses. The solution enables dog walkers to forge a stronger bond with their dog walking clients, while giving clients an unprecedented window into their dogs’ well-being. Trot With Spot provides dog owners with details on their dogs’ whereabouts, activity, and even which doggy friends are also on the walk, allowing clients to stay better connected with their pets. Additionally, our technology provides unique photo sharing capabilities and other built-in features that allow the dog walkers to provide a superior dog walking experience that keeps owners engaged and uncompromisingly loyal.

  • I’ve seen a couple other “uber for dogs’ kind of apps, how is Trot With Spot any different?

    We get this question a lot!  Trot With Spot is not Uber for dogs.  We think that people prefer to entrust their pets to walkers that they know and trust.  That's why Trot With Spot makes it easier for you to connect every day with your existing dog walker

  • Getting Started
  • I am a dog walker...How do I get started?
    1. Download the Trot With Spot Walker App from the App store (Android version coming soon!)
    2. Create a profile for clients to find you
    3. Invite all your current clients to download the Trot With Spot Owner App. Either tell them in person to go to to get started, or click here and input there email and we will send them a link to the app directly
    4. Once they sign up and add you as their dog walker, their dogs will appear on your client list
    5. You can then begin using the app and providing the highest level service
  • I am a dog owner and would love to coonect with my dog while I'm at work. How do I start?
    1. On your phone's web browser navigate  (IOS and Android compatible!)
    2. Bookmark the page on your home screen for easy acces
    3. Create a profile for you and your pup
    4. Connect with your dog walker
    5. Next time your dog gets picked up for their walk you will be in for a treat.
  • My dog walker doesn’t want to start using Trot With Spot. What should I do?

    Some dog walkers may need a little nudge to start using Trot With Spot, but we think that once they do, they will love it!  There are many dog walkers everywhere throughout the GTA offering Trot With Spot as a service to their clients, don't let yours fall behind!  Feel free to reach out to us at and we'd be happy to help your walker get started.

  • Pricing
  • Does Trot With Spot cost anything to use?

    Nope! This app is free.

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